EST 2004

Welcome to transvestite dressing service Yorkshire

  • Specializing in closet transvestite and transsexuals.

  • Three cross dressing experiences.

  • Friendly understanding team.

  • We understand your need for Discretion.
  • Helped numerous trans people on their journey.
  • New New New elocution and voice training

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It is with great pleasure that we are able to help the trans community.Started in 2004 we are here to help you with the girl within.We have created a very special place for members of the trans-gender and cross-dressing communities. It is our business to help you enjoy a relaxed and inspirational time, despite your no-doubt hectic lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a re-style of your image or you're a newcomer, Michelle and Janice will guide you through  many ideas. We offer a shopping service just for you and a shopping list and we will endeavour to find what you need. Once you've got your wardrobe and make up bag together, you can take it with you or, for a small fee, store it with us. You just come to us any time you feel the need to dress in safety. what's unque is you will be within a fully working salon where you can mix with our regular female clients if you wish to do so. Or, keep yourself to yourself in your own room or in the rear of the salon. Being in a salon is one of the best feelings for a trans person, making you feel like one of the girls. (We must stress that you have full control over who sees you, so no need to be worried about your privacy. It is of utmost importance to us. We fully understand how you might feel and how difficult the road you are taking to find yourself can be.)


Please do feel free to get in touch,we have found over the years that people who pop in for a coffee, and to see what we're all about, makes their next visit more relaxed. To find out more about us, go to'contact page' link at the top of the page and feel free to ring-we know you may need to ring several times before you come but that's ok , but before a date can be booked you will be required to leave a deposit.

Where it all began…

It all started with salon SI, in Hull, at the end of 2004. We first set up a regular beauty salon and decided we would like to be trans-friendly  Over the years, we have had a number of trans clients. We have grown since then, and we decided to upgrade our dressing service in 2008. We also decided that a name change would be in order. We are now called Body Beautiful. We decided to offer a more bespoke he-to-she service and a chance for transgendered people to interact in a salon environment or experience a personal service in our dressing room. There is outdoor smoking and a coffee area where you will not be seen by anyone if you so wish.